Playing outside in colder weather promotes physical development and well-being. playing in the Cold Strengthens the Immune System, allowing Outdoor Play in different weather conditions promotes problem-solving and cognitive thinking, and it boosts vitamin D levels and makes you happier.

I always see the saying 'there is no such thing as bad weather' but sometimes its hard to know what type of clothing is suitable, what works and what keeps you warm, and sometimes there is bad weather, ice can be dangerous, high winds or -c can all be challenging as parents its our job to access the weather and ensure we have the most suitable clothing.

4 years ago I would never walk in snow, I felt the cold so much and hibernated during winter.

But then we started hiking, the kids wanted to go sledging and continue with walks during colder weather so we did lots of research and lots of trial and error.


  • Investing in some good full body waterproofs, they really do give that extra warmth layer when its windy.

  • Good quality layered Waterproof coat, Ariya has 2 piece winter waterproofs which are fantastic, they have a warmth layer, wash well and have reflectors for shorter days, Didrikson's and Kuling kids are ones we have used, the older ones have Berghaus and North face coats too.

  • Gloves we have so many pairs of gloves, the kids dont like the thick ones but then the knitted ones get wet in the snow. So we have 2-3 pairs in a bag, think waterproof ones for snowball fights and the knitted ones in between. I also just got a pair of Sealskinz which are amazing, we have walked in -5 this week and they have kept my hands warm, hopefully going to get the kids some too.

  • Neck warmer, these are the most essential, they can go up over your face to keep the wind chill out, they also adapt and act as a summer hat when warmer.

  • Hat, nice thick fleece hat is vital in the winter months, we all have a variety including Balaclavas for extra warmth.

  • Fleece pants or leggings, and Thick Jumper, under Armour for the extra cold days, my kids dont like under armour but they are normally warm enough with the other layers.

  • Thick thermal socks

  • For the youngest we always take a spare pair of boots, she normally starts in her welly boots if its not a mountain walk, sometimes after 8-10 miles her welly's hurt her feet so we swop to walking boots. Or she starts in her walking boots, if the walk is boggy or her feet get wet we have the option of swopping into her welly's.

  • Ski goggles are great in the snow, for both sledging or walking.

  • Waterproof picnic blanket

  • Hot Chocolate is a must in cold weather

  • Change of clothes in the car just in case they wet

WEBSITE RECOMENDATIONS https://www.littletrekkers.co.uk/

https://www.alexandalexa.com/en https://www.littleadventureshop.co.uk/


https://www.decathlon.co.uk/ https://www.blacks.co.uk/ https://www.mountainwarehouse.com/outdoor/


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