Don't you just love random trips away?

The sun was shining, and what better way to enjoy the sun than a few days away.

Checked Bookings.com and Pitch Up as these are the two that we normally book with for last minute trips. We found a cheap caravan break in North Wales, I love bargain breaks as this is the reason we get to travel so much, why pay £££SSSSS when you can have just as much fun on a cheaper holiday especially as we only use it as a base, and tend to go exploring during the day.

Now the trip didn't start off so great, we booked on the same day my car was in the garage, expecting to collect it at 4pm and head straight to WALES. 4.05pm the garage rang and car wont be ready until the next day ' I should of waited to book but oh well' we rang the accommodation

and arrange to arrive the following day.



We finally arrived around tea time, had had planned a few different walks the night before so thankfully had something close by to do.

We parked at Pensychnant nature reserve and took a great path over too Maen Esgo which sits at 300m, with great weather and views over the coast. We did short 5.5 mile walk with a couple of hours enjoying the sun before heading to the caravan.


We always plan one big hike when we go away, we discuss the routes, and see which one we all fancy on the morning.

The kids picked Elidir Fawr at 923m and Elidir Fach 795m, the weather was clear, BUT I forgot to pack sun cream ahhhhhh, we stopped at 4 shops along the way, NO sun cream great.

So I checked the weather which said 10c at 400m and as low as 6c at the summit, so I thought ok that's not warm enough to catch the sun. Well how wrong was I, there was no breeze, no cloud, throughout the whole walk, by the end of the walk I looked like a beetroot because I was sweating on my face with the climb up, luckily we had head scarf for Ariya and she and the other 2 were ok.

The one rule we have is too walk at the kids pace, dont try and rush and expect kids too walk at a adults pace, if they want to stop and throw stones let them, happy kids = happy walk.

As you can see from this photo, it is a steep climb over boulders on a direct ascent up Elidir Fawr.

Now normally I love these walks but as Jay ( Dad) stayed at home due to a injection in his leg, it was just myself and the kids and as we were climbing I

kind of panicked, not enough tha

t the kids realised but deep inside I looked down and thought OH NO.

This is where we use the rule of '3 points of your body touching the rocks' this gives them confidence and helps to stops accidents.

Ariya loved it, and numerous times told me it was easy, I really dont know where she gets her energy and stamina from.

This section was approx 350m direct climb on these boulders, it felt we was climbing forever, probably due to the heat.

This was the final push to the summit, as you can see the girls were way ahead of me like normal.

The views form the summit were amazing, we had clear views over the Snowdon range and all the way to the coast. We enjoyed a well deserved snack break.

We then took a steep descent via a scree slope but it felt so much easier than the climb up.

WE headed across to Elidir Fach before the walk down to the car, then a well earned trip to KFC for tea, then a walk along the beach to watch the sunset.

8 Miles walked with 700m ascent


Today was our last day, so we opted for a gentle walk before heading home too see Dad.

Anglesey Coastal path from Holyhead Breakwater country park, cafe and toilets at the start, some old ruins, information boards. Various trails and walks but we opted to walk along the coast, the sun was shining, and the views were breath-taking, we spent a few hours here before heading back for a well earned ice cream, another 8 miles today with 300m ascent.





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