Ariya loved receiving this Lego set, she will sit for hours playing with Lego so when she opened this she was excited for us to sit with her and build the dinosaurs.

It was a great family session putting them together, the they are very sturdy and easy to place the Lego pieces, it does take some adult supervision as each dinosaur has quite a few smaller pieces.

The quality is fantastic and well organised in each bag thankfully, as there is lots of pieces.

The price compared to other brands is great for the size of the set you receive.

Each set comes with instruction, these are easy to read, with simple diagrams


Dinosaur lego building set has 979 pieces and contains 1 package for every dinosaur but each pack can build 3 different models for a total of 12.

Joints are flexible and can rotate

Realistic stimulation

Bright colours and good quality material

User manual for each set

Pterodactyl Species characteristics: dinosaurs flying in the sky. Velociraptor Species characteristics: The body looks like a small Tyrannosaurus Rex,standing and walking, and running fast. Tyrannosaurus Rex Species characteristics: huge body,big mouth and fierce face,standing and walking. Triceratops Species characteristics: There are three horns on the head,crawling on all fours.

Learn While Playing

Popular with thousands of parents, Vatos was founded by James Lee, who initially focused on creating a safe, quality, entertaining and educational growth environment for his daughter. He believed that a good toy is not only a friend to children, but also a teacher that helps them build up their curiosity about the world.

Under his strict standards and requirements, Vatos has launched a number of toys exclusively for children between 3 months to 14 years old, and will continue to do so.


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