Volunteering with Teens in Morocco


Having teenage children and seeing how privileged they, it made me realise that they didn't actually see how lucky they were with even the basic of items like TV, toys, the latest trainers etc.

So after much research 3 years ago I decided to bite the bullet and take my then 14 year old daughter to Marrakech with a couple of other families, we set off on our journey.


  • Assist those who are less fortunate

  • Expect nothing in return

  • Enrich your life

  • Create Connections

  • Create better job prospects and opportunities

  • Good for your health

  • Learn new skills

  • Gain real world experiences

  • You can sample new cultures

  • You will be inspired and have fun


We went via a reputable company, so we could ensure that the trip was planned and we were looked after with having teens with us. We had to make sure we had DBS checks and letter from Tia's school as a reference to her good character. We also held fundraising events so we could donate once there, and also collected items we could take with us.

Recommended items were given to us once we had booked our places with the charity.

We took suitcases filled with arts and crafts, smaller toys like cars and teddy bears.

Skipping ropes, chalk, games, bubbles and ,marbles.


We stayed in a traditional Riad, where each room slept 2-4 people. The Riad had various rooms where they housed all the volunteers together, which is ideal if you travel alone to volunteer as they pair you up with the other volunteers.

A traditional Moroccan Riad is a home with multiples stories that centers around an open-air courtyard that contains a fountain. Riads were once the estates of the wealthiest citizens, merchants, and courtiers. The building is in the shape of a rectangle different rooms on each of the four sides.


We were met at the airport by the charity and organisers in Marrakech, where they drove us to our accommodation to meet the team.

There was a number of staff on arrival who would be with us throughout the week.

We met the other volunteers who had travelled from across the world, and we had a brief chat about the week and given details of each days volunteering.


Each day we set off early and volunteered each morning then we were taken for lunch which was included in the cost, and after lunch we were taken to another volunteer project.

What I hadn't planned was how much we would walk during the day, it was tough going in the heat, even though it was the beginning of March the temperatures were 30c plus every day.

Our volunteer projects for the week were:

Baby orphanage was first on our program, and wow this was so hard and emotional, in just a short time frame its easy to become attached to the children, and knowing they don't have a family is so hard to walk away from, the hard work that goes into it with little financial support is amazing. We donated nappies and baby milk.

We also visited a school for street children, where we got out all the arts and crafts and 'wow' they were so so happy, we sat down and enjoyed the afternoon helping them with work.

We also spent time painting a new school, each room had fun cartoon animations and letters/numbers on the walls, it looked fantastic afterwards for the children.

We also visited a down syndrome day centre and took some time to sit with them and do different actives from dancing to arts, it really was great to work with such a variety of organisations , Tia really enjoyed it.

We made up snacks and lunch meals and then went with the staff to hand out to those who were homeless and sleeping on the street.

The charity work so hard with so many individual organisations to ensure that they are all supported, they send volunteers and fundraise for them too.

Every evening we would walk to the square which was vibrant, had a buzz feeling and come alive in the evening. They had monkeys walking on leads, people dancing and you could have your photo with a snake.

We also took a day where we had a organised trip to Ouzoud waterfalls and wow, beautiful wasn't the word. It was a tough trek in the heat but we would 100% recommend it.

We finished the week teaching children to dance at a school which was fun as I am not the best dancer but luckily one of our team as a cheer leading coach. We played sports and games with them and really did sum the week up, it was the best experience, we went in open minded as its a different culture to ours with different rules and beliefs, we researched beforehand which really did help.

Check on this amazing volunteer company who works with the guys we volunteered for in Marrakech


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