Beckside Car Park, Glenridding, Penrith, CA11 0PA.

APPROX £8 ALL DAY with toilets 30p

Restaurants, cafe, shops and play area in Glenridding

5-6 miles and 600m ascent

Map and compass recommended


There is various path up to the summit so please check your map.

We headed out the car park towards the main road and crossed the small bridge over the river towards the shops and immediatley turned right following the road.


The path is easy to follow, with you passing a camp site on your left, and you eventually come to a road and pass through some houses/cottages.


After passing through a gate the path goes straight ahead steeply on a stone path. With lots of opportunities to stop and have a break on the many boulders scattered on the fellside.

On this day I felt really ill, i strugggled to breathe walking up hill, i was red like a beetroot and sweated so much, so we actually stopped every 10 minutes. What i should of done was turn around because my body was acyually telling me something was wrong ( was the next day diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism on each lung).

But i didnt and carried on uphill, it took us triple the estimated time.


The next section is easy to follow, its a good path throughout but steep until you reach the top of this first path.


The path levels out for a while so great too stop for a rest and to admire the views all around.


After the short section of level walking , you the start rising up the hill side towards the summit, again the path is easy to follow, it is quite steep in sections. When the path then levels, the highest point two is on the north top, but we preferred the views of the slightly lower cairn over looking Ullswater


The highest point is further north than this one, but we enjoyed the views of Ullswater from here.


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