PARKING-Balmoral Estates, Ballater AB35 5TB




Reo had done some research a while back and found these pyramids, at first I didn't believe they actually existed in the UK, I mean all the research I do on walks and this had never come up? But wow so happy he found the trail.

We had planned this for our trip but as we arrived in Scotland and researched we discovered the Queen was on holiday at this time so the main walking trail easy closed from July to October, disappointment set in until I read you could still visit the biggest pyramid which was Prince Albert's.

The trail starts from the car park outside Balmoral castle which we hope to visit next year. The path goes through some cottages before it starts to climb steeply through the forest on a good track.

We first came to Beatrice pyramid which the kids thought was big

Then we followed the trail higher in the forest to the top where Prince Albert's cairn sat. This was huge and so mesmerizing, with awesome views over Balmoral.

It was worth the drive long drive to get here.

The walk for the 2 Pyramids was approx. 4 miles for us, the full circular walk for all the pyramids is approx. 6-8 miles depending which tracks you choose.

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