Welcome to our family 
To encourage other families to get outdoors and explore the world.,  to share our adventures and inspire others. 
Sometimes right on your doorstep there are places to explore, not only is it beneficial for health and fitness but also you get to spend quality time as a family in natural surroundings away from electronics.

We are a family of 9 well 10  if you include my Mum as she lives with us.

Leanne,  that's me, I am 40 years young,  and James is my husband is 38. 

We have 7  children age 24, 22, 17, 16, 12, 10 and 5 plus 2 Grandchildren. 

5 years ago we started hiking, after our youngest Ariya was born, as we were so consumed with work, gadgets and electronics,  we didn't know what a relaxing day was..... so I decided enough was enough we were started to explore our wonderful countryside and have never looked back.

The older 3 don't come hiking due to there own commitments, but our daughter Ellie is 16 and currently working towards her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, so she often comes with us.

The youngest 3,....... Reo is 12 , Niyah is 10 and Ariya is 5 are home educated so we are lucky to go on adventures a few times per week.

Reo and Niyah have completed their Bronze and Silver outdoor navigation awards, they also enjoy Bouldering, football and Skiing every week ( before lockdown).

Ariya had just started Bouldering before Lock down but hopefully resumes in the Autumn.

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Leanne and Jay

Founder & CEO

We have been married for 16 years in June 2021. Jay is in his final year completing a Masters in Mental Health, he also runs his own Vintage bike business.

I have a degree in  Event and hospitality management, but took the decision to home educate the 3 youngest 3 years ago and have not looked back as we have the best adventures and a great Home Ed network.

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Reo and Niyah

12 and 10 years old

Reo is mad on football, he plays for a local team and trains 3 times a week. He also loves Skiing, rock climbing/bouldering, Boxing.

He enjoys our adventures out, and loves any walks that involve scrambling, caves, or waterfalls.

He also enjoys gaming and hopes to set up a gaming channel in the future, if he doesn't make it as a footballer then he wants to work on the Oil rigs

Niyah is full of personality, forever smiling and getting stuck in the mud. She also plays football 3 times a week and loves Skiing and rock climbing. She goes to forest school which she loves and thoroughly enjoys the outdoors. Her ambition is to climb Everest or at least to base camp.

She loves reading, music, arts and crafts, as well as horse riding.


5 years old

Ariya is the one who thinks she is the boss of the family. She is full of personality, and loves the outdoors.

She attends forest school, bouldering and due to start Skiing lessons once all back open. She loves Horse riding and animals.

This past year she has grown so much with her walking. She walks 10-12  miles without even a complaints.

She loves Geo caching, climbing rocks and going on adventures off trail.

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For every mile we walk in 2021 we are putting in a Jar and we are saving towards our Camper Van which we will live and travel in, this is a long dream,  to be able to share the world with the kids and see many more adventures, whilst documenting our travels and supporters via our blog.